How to Make a Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft

How to Make a Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft

Minecraft is an action-adventure game developed by Mojang Studios. Its public version was released in November 2011, and to date, Minecraft is one of the most popular games worldwide. It’s the best seller game of all time.

In this game, to survive, players have to collect resources, craft tools, made houses, and fight with the mobs. If you are a Minecraft player, you must have heard about Night Vision Potion. Though it is not an essential potion, it has its own unique benefits that can help players survive through the night.

This article will discuss the ingredients and process of making Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft.

How to Make a Potion of Night Vision in Minecraft

The process of making the potion is not easy. You need a few ingredients to start the process. Below we are listing down the ingredients.

Ingredients for Night Vision Potion

  • Crafting Table (It only requires only four wood planks of any kind)
  • Nether Wart (you’ll get it in Nether. Make a Nether Portal and go inside it to find Nether Wart.)
  • Golden Carrot (you need a carrot and gold nuggets. You can get carrots from the nearby villages. You can craft gold ingots into gold nuggets by using the crafting table. Place the carrot at the middle slot and surround it with gold nuggets. Your golden carrot is ready)
  • Blaze Powder ( you need to find a nether fortress. Blaze spawners are always near the fortress. Fight with the Blaze until you get enough blaze rods. From Blaze Rods, you can make Blaze Powder)
  • Water Bottles (smelt some sand to make glasses and then place your glasses in a ‘V’ shape to make a bottle)
  • Brewing Stand

The process to make the Night Vision Potion

Once is collect all the above mention ingredients, let’s start with the process

  • First, you need to place the crafting table.
  • Craft the brewing stand by placing the blaze rod in the middle row and place three pieces of cobblestone under it, and you’ll get the brewing stand.
  • Place the brewing stand
  • Place the blaze powder on the left side of your brewing stand.
  • Place the water bottles at the bottom of the brewing stand.
  • Next, place the Nether Wart in the empty slot on the top.
  • Finally, wait a little bit, and you’ll get the Awakard Potion.
  • Now place the golden carrot on the top slot of your brewing stand.
  • Finally, your Night Vision Potion is ready.

You can make some variations of Night Vision Potion.

  • If you brew some gun powder with your Night Vision Potion, you’ll get the Splash Potion of Night Vision. It has a similar effect with Night Vision Potion.
  • If you place some Dragon’s Breath on the top slot and brew the Splash Potion of Night Vision with it, you’ll get Lingering Potion of Night Vision. If you are going underwater for some reason, use the Lingering potion of Night Vision. It gives an underwater breathing effect.

Night Vision Potions are beneficial to walk through the night or Swimming in the sea. If you use the Night Vision Potion, your sight will be the same at night and even under the water.

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