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How to Level Up Fast, Earn More Ribbons and XP in Battlefield 2042

How to Level Up Fast and Earn More XP in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is an incredible game and the current little in the long-standing series is one of the most hyped. Millions of players throughout the world have been waiting for the game for months and we can finally delve into it after a few days. Like the previous few titles starting with Battlefield 4, the current title will also utilize the Ribbon system, which we will talk about in the post. Gaining XP is the only way to level up fast as it’s with most games. So, keep reading and we will show you how to level up fast, earn more Ribbons and XP in BF2042.

BF2042 – How to Earn More Ribbons and XP to Level Up Quickly

The easiest way to gain XP in Battlefield 2042 is to play more matches and complete objectives. You will only be rewarded with XP if you stick till the end of the match. So, every player that participates in a match and sees it till the end will gain XP. The amount of XP you gain varies on the activities/objectives you complete such as reviving other players, assisting, kills, etc.

Earning ribbons in the game further boost the XP reward. Each of the Ribbons comes in 3 tiers and progressing in the Ribbon ensures a better EX reward. Again, the Ribbons can be earned by accomplishing the game objectives. There are various types of Ribbons you can earn in the game and progress it by completing more similar activities to get better XP rewards. Some of the Ribbons shared during the beta are:

  • Objective Ribbon – obtained by playing the objective
  • Wingman Ribbon – can be earned by providing assist such as revives and other assists
  • Logistics Ribbon – you get it when you heal teammates, resupply, and repair vehicles
  • Intel Ribbon – use EMP’s to disrupt enemies or destroying drones, among other things
  • Combat Ribbon – get more kills and destroy vehicles
Battlefield 2042 Ribbons
Battlefield 2042 Ribbons

As you earn XP and rank up higher, you will unlock new cosmetics, specialists, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. The max player level you can reach is 99. Once you have attained this level, you can start leveling in the S-levels, which start at S001 and goes up to S999.

So, the best way to level up fast in Battlefield is to earn more XP by seeing each game to the end and completing specific objectives to gain ribbons and progress the Ribbon tiers.          

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