How to Kill Jelly Fish in Dinkum

How to Find and Kill Alpha Crocodile in Dinkum

Dinkum is a life and farming simulation game by the developer James Bendon. where you make the island of your dreams. There are a lot of neat features in the game that makes the early release version of the game worth playing. Players are already hooked on the early release version on Steam, and there is no doubt that this game will gain more and more popularity. This guide will take you through the process of how to kill jelly fish in Dinkum.

How to Defeat Jelly Fish in Dinkum

You might be wondering how to get jelly, or you’ve spotted the blue masses in the water when you’re swimming. Be careful of them though, because one hit will take a damper on your energy. These are the jelly fish of Dinkum, and they can be killed to get jelly.

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Jelly is quite a useful component when you’re introduced to Kegs, as you will be able to make things out of them over a certain period of days. Kegs are useful if you want to make Jelly Brew from jelly, which provides a huge boost to your skills. But first, you will need to kill some jelly fish.

The first thing you need is a weapon of some sort, like a spear. You can craft a spear on the crafting table in Fletch’s tent once you have unlocked the Hunting License. With the help of the spear, you will be able to hit the jelly fish that are close to the coast of the island. Next, you will need to collect the jelly. You can do so by diving into the water and picking it up.

Later in the game, you will be able to use surfing boards to get the jelly fish that are far away from the coastal areas in Dinkum.

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