Nobody - The Turnaround

How to Increase Mood in Nobody – The Turnaround

How to Increase Mood in Nobody - The Turnaround

In Nobody – The Turnaround, one of the stats that you will need to keep an eye on in the game is your mood. Mood is affected by the things you do in the game, much like in real life. There are certain actions that you can perform in order to keep your mood healthy. Increasing your mood will keep the character in your game happy, or they will fall into a low-mood situation. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to increase mood in Nobody – The Turnaround.

How to Keep your Mood High in Nobody – The Turnaround

If the mood falls too low, the game ends as the character gives up on life. So, you should always aim to keep your mood high and happy. Let’s find out how you can do it with the help of some activities.

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The first priority should be taking care of your food and sleep requirements. Eating good food or living in a comfortable hotel will automatically keep your mood high. Apart from this, there are entertainment options in the game Nobody – The Turnaround that can help to elevate your mood. These options are like mini-games which can be found all over the map of the game. To open the map, press the M key and you will be able to see where you are.

Source: HTFGamesStudio 

Here is the list of entertainment options that you have in Nobody – The Turnaround. Check your map for your location, and find out where you need to go.

  • Dancing Auntie in the Basketball court park or near the Vocational training center
  • Internet near the Slope or Yongkang Rd.
  • Karaoke near the KTV place, southeast of the Historic Downtown area.
  • Pet Stray Dog in the Vocational training center.
  • Play Basketball on the Basketball court in the Park.
  • Play Billards by the main street of the Historic Downtown area.
  • Play Chess Game at the front gate of the Park
  • Play Claw Game near the Galloway mall.
  • Play Dart Game near the Fabulous Pub, southeast of the Historic Downtown area.
  • Play Dice Games in the pub southeast of the Historic Downtown area.
  • Play Mahjong in the Elegance Tea House in the Historic Downtown area.
  • Ring Toss in the northeast of the Foutain in the Park.
  • Shoot Balloons north of the Fountain in the Park. 
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