How to Heal in Crucible

How to Heal in Crucible

Your health is constantly under attack in Crucible. Given the nature of the game being PvPvE, you have to battle enemy forces as well as stay safe from the numerous wildlife in the game. But the obstacles are what sets Crucible apart from other third-person shooter games. With the ability to heal, progress in the game becomes easier. It gives you an edge over other players. Hence, in this guide, we will show you how to heal in Crucible – the first big title from Amazon Games Studio.

Using the Medkit is the simplest way to heal in Crucible. However, there are other ways too that can restore your health such as a particular plant. If you shoot the plant, the powered it releases restores your health. There are also green stations that can heal a small amount of health.

Let’s have a look at the all the ways you can heal yourself in Crucible.

How to Heal and Restore your Health in Crucible

Surviving in the game is a big part of winning and to do that you require good amounts of health. Here are the various ways you can heal yourself and maintain the health.


Medkits are the easiest way to ensure health. When you start the game each player has access to Medkits and there is a certain amount that each player can carry on themselves. Medkits amplifiers allows you to carry more Medkits than you started the game with. These amplifiers can be found around the Crucible map. You can find them yourself or ask a friend to find it for you, either way works. Once you have the Medkit in your inventory, hitting the G-button on the keyboard activates it and within a few seconds your health will be restored. You can also get more Medkits from droids located around the map. These droids are identifiable by the unique medical plus sign on their body.

Glowing Green Plants

If you can’t find amplifiers or locate the Medkit bot in the game, the glowing green plant on the ground can be a source of restoring health. The plant has heal capabilities. When you locate the plant, shoot it and it will burst with a green dust in the air, standing in the green dust restores your health. Finding several plants around the map can increase the health significantly. So, during the battle keep an eye on the glowing green plant and don’t miss an opportunity to shoot it and reap the heal.

Green Healing Stations

Within the game, there are green healing stations that can restore a small amount of health to the player. Each time you activate the station, it will provide a burst of heal. You can identify the stations as silver pillars with slight green. You can repeatedly use the stations to obtain a small amount of heal.

Character Abilities

Some characters in the game who are referred to as hunters have healing capabilities. They can heal themselves and in some situations their teammates as well. For example, Captain Mendoza can bring a cover that is accompanied with a medkit. Drakahl can use his ability the Enraged Roar which restores health over time. Bugg can provide a shield to its allies which is not healing but works the same as it protects the current health of the players.

These are the various ways players can heal themselves in Crucible. In any shooter video game, heal plays a crucial role. We hope now you know how to heal in Crucible and are ready to take on enemies.     

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