How to Get Medkits in Crucible

How to Get Medkits in Crucible

Amazon’s Crucible is an amazing game where you have to tackle the environment as well as your opponents, this makes the PvPvE game Crucible full of obstacles as well as interesting. Medkits play a crucial role in your progress in the game. It can save you from dying.

Medkits are easy to find in Crucible. You simply have to approach the floating green droids spread all across the Crucible map. Once you get the Medkits, save it to your inventory and use it at your own convenience. Read further to know more about Medkits.

What are Crucible Medkits

As you would rightly assume, the Medkits in Crucible is same as with any other game. It can restore the health of the player. While all the characters in the game have by default a steady amount of regeneration, sometimes that might not suffice, especially when the players in amidst a combat and surrounded by enemies. Under such a circumstance, you may be taking more hits than and loosing health than the regeneration can restore. At that point, you need additional help, something that can instantly level up your health and Medkits do exactly that. They heal the injuries.

However, it’s important that you consistently find Medkits, which is quite accessible and identifiable. They can be found on droids with recognizable green medical plus sign.

How to Get and Use Crucible Medkits

As you play through the game, you will easily notice one of these droids. Now, that you know where to get the Medkits, let’s see how you can get and use them. When you see such a droid, approach it  and an option to get the Medkit from them would appear. It takes a while for the Medkit to become visible in the inventory and there is a certain amount that a single player can carry in the game.

The Medkit gives a large heath boost and hence, an essential element in the game. When you are trying to escape an enemy onslaught the Medkit comes handy. You can see the amount of health boost obtained from the Medkit via the small green outline at the bottom.

Both obtaining the Medkit and activating it takes some time. You can activate it by pressing the G-button on your keyboard. When trying to use the Medkit, ensure you have some cover as it takes a few seconds for the kit to charge and boost your health.

In any game, maintaining the health of the character is crucial and Crucible is no exception. Medkits are pivotal to winning battles. You need to use them strategically and frequently find the droid with the Medkit to have an edge over other players.      

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