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How to Get the Nessie Achievement in Modern Warfare 2

Nessie Achievement modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 has released on early access, and players have already been trying out the new campaign missions. The full game will release on 28th October 2022, so you have about a week to familiarize yourself with the game and all its components. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to to reach the barge without being seen in Wetwork in Modern Warfare 2. This is also the Nessie Trophy which you can get in the game. 

How to Reach the Barge Without Being Detected in Wetwork in Modern Warfare 2 | Nessie Achievement

Wetwork is the third mission in Modern Warfare 2, and it follows the Kill or Capture campaign mission in Modern Warfare 2. If you haven’t completed the previous mission, you won’t be able to access this one. You can find a tutorial for it in the link below.

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You will be playing as Gaz, and the mission is based in the city of Amsterdam. It starts with you swimming at sea and exploring the new water combat mechanics, after which you need to kill quite a few guards. 

If you’re looking to get the Nessie achievement, you will need to enter the barge without being seen as well as kill all the guards. This means that you will need to sneak up on every last one and kill them, all while avoiding detection. This includes all guards on the harbor as well as the two in the patrol boats.

You can make use of the stealth mechanics while you are underwater, as they will not be able to spot you there. Your best weapons are throwing knives or silenced pistol headshots, as they won’t make much noise. You will be able to throw knives at only a short distance, but pistol shots can be taken from much farther away. Kill all the guards one by one and you will get the Nessie achievement.

If you would like to see a full tutorial on how to finish the mission, you can check out our guide here: How to Complete Campaign Mission Wetwork in Modern Warfare 2

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