How to Get the GS Magna in  DMZ

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Playing COD without any weapon is impossible. When numerous enemies are roaming to eliminate you, you must be prepared to face them. The Season 3 Reloded update has brought several new items to the game, including two weapons. You can’t deny that weapons are the main attraction of COD. No matter which COD game you play, you must collect powerful weapons. So, this guide will help you know how to get GS Magna in Warzone 2 DMZ.

GS Magna Location in COD DMZ- Where to Find?

COD games always present a wide range of weapons, though not all are equally good. Pistols are generally the secondary weapons that players use in close-range combat. Like other updates, the Season 3 Reloded update has brought multiple new things to Warzone 2, MW2, and DMZ. From new locations to weapons, bosses, and loot- there are lots of new things to explore in every game mode.

If you are looking for GS Magna, the newly introduced pistol, let me tell you there are different processes to get the weapon. While you must get 30 headshots with pistols to get the weapon in MW2 and Warzone 2, DMZ players must beat one of the two newly introduced bosses- Rhino.

Rhino is one of the newly introduced bosses found inside the dark corridors of the Koschei Complex. To be more precise, you will encounter this boss after you unlock the Factory Admin Door. You must find its key to unlock the door. Behind the door, you will find Rhino. Take the boss down, and you will get GS Magna from him. Alternatively, if you find someone else has already killed the boss and looted the pistol, you have to look for an enemy with GS Magna. Kill him and loot his GS Magna.

GS Magna Location in COD DMZ- Where to Find

To complete the quest, you have to extract with the pistol. If you can’t extract, you will lose the pistol. So, as soon as you find the gun, mark the closest extraction point and go to the location. Hide until the helicopter arrives. Once you board the helicopter and leave the game, GS Magna will be yours permanently.

That’s all you need to know about how to get GS Magna in COD DMZ.

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