How To Get Scrap in Raft

How To Get Clay in Raft

Raft is a Survival Game developed by Redbeet Interactive and released by Axolot Games. Your goal, whether you’re alone or with a group, is to survive an epic oceanic trip over a perilous sea! Gather rubbish to survive, build your raft, and be mindful of the perils of the sea!

Players awake on a vast, blue ocean with no coast in sight, imprisoned on a little raft with nothing except an outdated plastic hook. With a dry throat and an empty stomach, survival will be tough.

Our guide will teach you all about locating the important resource: Scrap, for building tools and machines.

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What is Scrap?

Scrap is one of the most adaptable (and crucial) resources in Raft’s early game. Many of the initial workbenches you’ll need, such as the Research Table and Smelter, as well as other key construction items like the Storage and the Sail, are made from it.

Scrap is also utilised for several of the second-tier tools. Scrap is required for the Scrap Hook, Metal Axe, and Metal Fishing Rod. Scrap is also used to produce nails. Nails are essential for constructing a second level for your Raft. Simply said, if you come across Scrap, you will not want to pass it up.

Getting Scrap in Raft

Scrap may be obtained in two ways in Raft:

  • Obtaining it like treasure from drifting Barrels and Crates in the water.
  • Finding Scrap in the shallow seas around an island.

While Crates and Barrels may provide a modest amount of Scrap in the early stages of the game, your first island expedition will most likely provide far more. By carrying the Plastic Hook and holding down the left click, you may anchor your Raft on the coast, dive in, and dig out a piece of Scrap. Keep your eyes peeled for the Shark.

Scrap in Raft is best obtained by digging it up in the shallow waters surrounding islands. If you stay underwater for too long, the Shark will come after you.

Keep your dives brief and your eyes open at all times – the Shark might be swimming right at you before you realise it. Continue reading our Raft game guides to learn more about the game.

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