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How to Get Juggernaut Drops in Call of Duty Warzone

How to Get Juggernaut Drops in Call of Duty Warzone

The juggernaut suit is an incredibly powerful drop in Warzone. Once you have it, you can decimate multiple enemy factions in one go. The suit is a random drop that will appear at the start of the game. It’s not the first time that the Juggernaut Drop has been a part of Warzone. We had it for a limited period in Season 4. When you drop into Call of Duty: Warzone’s Verdansk Season 5, you can expect the Juggernaut Drops with just moments in the game. Once it lands on the map, all players can see in on the mini-map. From there on, it’s first come first serve. The player that gets to the suit first get to don it. Stick around and we will share how to get Juggernaut Drops in Call of Duty Warzone. If you are on the receiving end read how to kill the Juggernaut.  

How to Get Juggernaut Drops in Call of Duty Warzone

As the drop is completely random, we do not know the exact location or the spot it’s most likely to appear. The technique to get the Juggernaut drops is simple, when you are notified on the map of its location, head towards it and make sure you are the first to grab it. As mentioned earlier, the suit comes with formidable power to kill just about anyone that comes your way in the game. They give you a huge advantage in the game in terms of firing capability and the damage you can take.

Although the Juggernaut was part of Season 4 in a separate mode, it was not available as a drop. Players had to take down the Juggernaut. With this season, you can wear the powerful suit and possibly win the game. But, if you had taken part in the mode to take down the Juggernaut, you know their weak points and that they are not invincible. So, even if you don’t win the race to the Juggernaut Drop, you may possibly take a player down with the suit.

However, taking down a Juggernaut is easier said than done with the weapon and the Jugg armor. Players on various forums are already complaining about its inclusion in the standard mode and for good reasons. Anyone that gets their hand on the suit can easily dominate the game with little other player can do to defeat them.

So, to sum it up, if you get your hand on the suit, you are on your way to a win, if not, better stay clear from the player that gets it.         

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