How to Get Bat Wing in Dinkum

Where to Find Rubies in Dinkum

Dinkum is a fun farming game that is created singlehandedly by the Australian developer James Bendon. You will be able to make your farm from scratch and decorate your island, but that’s not all. There are a lot of items that you can collect in this open-world game with a randomly generated map. Monsters will be attacking you, so be careful as you roam the land of Dinkum. There is also the existence of the deep mine underground, with a lot more monsters. This guide will take you through the process of how to get bat wing in Dinkum.

Where to Find Bat Wing in Dinkum

As the name says, you will need to kill a bat to get a bat wing. This is dropped when a bat dies, and bats are found in the deep mine. So, you will need to make your way there.

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To get access to the deep mine, you will need to have the Deep Mining License from Fletch which costs 3,500 Permit Points. Next, you will unlock the Deep Mine deed which you can buy from Fletch with Dinks and place it anywhere on your island. You will need to fill the materials required, and it will take one day for the deep mine to be ready.

Before you enter the elevator of the deep mine, you need the Deep Mine Pass. You can buy this from John for 25,000 Dinks, but keep in mind that this is a one-time use item. It’s a good idea to enter the mines early in the day so you have the maximum possible energy.

Once you are down in the mines, you will come across the bats. Kill these bats by jumping up in the air, preferably with a spear or a bat. When they die, you can pick the bat wing off the mine floor.

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