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How to Get and Use Glintstone Pebble in Elden Ring

How to Get and Use Glintstone Pebble in Elden Ring

Elden Ring, as slated for release on 25th February, is finally out. The survival RPG lets players embark on a quest to restore all the shards, called the Great Runes, of the shattered Elden Ring to repair it and ultimately become the Elden Lord. It introduces new tasks and game mechanisms for the players to stay engaged for hours, with the helps of the vast open-world that they can explore by themselves, immersing themselves completely in the game. There are plenty of new combat mechanisms as well, such as spells. This guide will take you through the process of how to get and use Glintstone Pebble in Elden Ring.

Glintstone Pebble Location and Usage in Elden Ring

The all new type of magic, called Sorceries lets players use spells that they find in the wild, in fights to take their opponents down. They can also be purchased in shops. There are many kinds of spells that impact monsters differently and the player can pick and choose which one they wish to inflict. The Glintstone Pebble spell costs 7 FP to cast and uses one slot in the player’s spell inventory. It fires magic projectiles at the enemy to damage them.

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The spell causes projectiles which are made from glintstone to damage the enemies of the player. It requires Low Intelligence of 10 and deals Magic damage at a quick pace, and can be chain casted by the player as long as they are in possession of enough stamina and Focus Points.

Where to Get Glintstone Pebble

The Glintstone Pebble is the default spell for the class type of Astrologer. It can also be purchased for 1000 Runes from Sorceress Sellen who lives in the Post Town Ruin in Limgrave.

How to Use Glintstone Pebble

The Glintstone Pebble can be used efficiently against any sort of enemies due to its low cost and easy availability. Use it quickly against fairly weak bosses or a fast enemy to deal damage while you’re selecting other methods to attack them and take them out. As it doesn’t cost much FP, you can keep using it until you low-leveled enemies are dead.

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