How to Get 5-Star Wanted Level in GTA-5

 How to Get 5-Star Wanted Level in GTA-5

GTA 5 is one of the most popular action-adventure games worldwide. Since the GTA series started in 2013, all the games in the series get more or less popular. However, GTA 5 is one of the most popular among them. In the GTA series, players become criminals who participate in every kind of criminal activity. Generally, players don’t want to get a 5-star Wanted level in GTA-5, but sometimes they have to. However, players can’t reach the 5-Star Wanted level generally. So, this guide will help you know how to get 5-Star Wanted Level in GTA 5.

Instant 5-Star Wanted Level Guide in GTA-5- How to Reach?

In GTA-5, players do all kinds of illegal things, from Bank Robbery to shooting NPCs and other players. The more your wanted level increases, the more cops start chasing you. Cops are one of the most annoying things players face during their time in GTA 5, but as your Wanted Level increases, the Cops are inevitably to run behind you. The highest risk you can reach is the 5-Star Wanted Level, where the cops may also kill you.  

However, getting a 5-Star Wanted level is not easy. Random road accidents, or killing NPCs won’t help you reach 5-Star Wanted level, so players need to follow a different method to get 5-Star Wanted Level in GTA-5. If you follow the traditional crime methods it will take you around 1 hour to reach 5-Star Wanted Level. They can shoot Police officers, steal their cars to increase Wanted level faster. But during this time, you may get caught or killed.

Instant 5-Star Wanted Level Guide in GTA-5- How to Reach

To reach 5-star Wanted Level, players need to break into Fort Zancudo. This fort is a hidden and highly secured location in the western side of Los Santos. Unless you come close to the location, players can’t find it on the map. This location is toughest to break in, but once you break in, it will be the best and instant way to reach 5-Star Wanted level. Once you are in the Fort Zancudo, make sure, a guard notices you. Instantly, you’ll be in the highest wanted level and police and military surrounds you from all sides.

Now, getting out of that location will be difficult, but the situation can still be manageable if you can a Rhino Tank or LASER Fighter Jet. Otherwise, you can use cheat codes to escape the Military and cops. However, don’t use those codes as long as you have chances to get a vehicle and escape the police.

That’s all you need to know about how to get 5-Star Wanted Level instantly in GTA 5.


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