How To Fix Tower of Fantasy Full-Screen Error


Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play online, open-world action RPG, that Hotta Studio (a subsidiary of Perfect World) developed, based out of China. Tower of Fantasy saw its release to its Chinese audience on the 16th of December 2021, it was not until 11 August 2022, that it saw the light of its global launch.

As with most multiplayer game launches, the servers of the game were a mess and this has caused all sorts of errors and bugs from random disconnects, login issues, to update errors. The crashing problem with the game is particularly rampant. We have guides on most of the issues of the game. You can click on the links to read them. A lesser talked about issue and one that impacted a small group is the Tower of Fantasy full-screen error. Keep reading to find out more about the error and how you can resolve it.

Fix Tower of Fantasy Window Missing – Can’t Access Full Screen  

When you launch the game, you expect to at least see a new window or the game take over the entire screen if it’s starting in fullscreen. But, due to some weird reason when you launch the Tower of Fantasy, only the title bar is visible with the options to minimize or close the game as shown in the below image. It also happens when you turn off the full-screen display, the game gets minimized to a small weird pop-up. 

The game becomes invisible and obviously completely unusable. Moreover, with just this pop-up, you can’t even try to revert back the settings to their previous mode, that is, you cannot toggle the full-screen mode back on from this screen. That being said, this error can be fixed. 

Simply click on this pop-up and press the F11 button from the keyboard, alternatively, you can also use the window maximization shortcut which is you can press the windows button and the upper arrow simultaneously. Both of these steps will in turn revert the game back to its full-screen mode. As of now we still don’t have any fix to play the game in windowed mode, but we hope the developer will fix it in the upcoming updates.

That’s all we have in this guide, if you would like to learn more about the game or fix other issues, refer to the game category.

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