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How to Find the Best Matches in Battlefield 2042

How to Find the Best Matches in Battlefield 2042

EA’s latest multiplayer shooter game Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to be released on 19th November 2021. Players are eagerly waiting for this game because Battlefield 2042 is going to introduce a lot of new features including, a wide range of weapons and gear, Crossplay, etc. to make the gameplay more interesting.

The Battlefield Portal is one of the best things that Battlefield 2042 offers to its fans. Players can create their custom matches and play with their friends. Also, these matches are open to all. Anyone can join these matches. However, all the matches you find in the Battlefield Portal are not that good.  This guide will help you know how to find the best matches in Battlefield 2042.

Best Matches in Battlefield 2042- How to find it

It is a little tricky to identify a good match among so many matches in the Battlefield Portal. Remember that the two most important aspects of a good match are name and ping. While searching for a good match, go for the ones which have decent names. If you find a match that’s name has been generated with the map name and match type, it means the creator has put effort while creating the match. Therefore, there is a good possibility that it will be a good match.

Another good indicator of a good match is Ping. Try to choose a match where the ping is around 10 and the icon next to it is totally green. It indicates that the match is based on the local server. Playing matches on a local server is quite beneficial because it helps you to avoid server issues.

Another thing you need to check is modifiers. Modifiers make difference between what you expect and what you get. If you’ve joined a match with restricted loadout and movements, you can’t enjoy the match. Therefore, try to join matches where the modifiers are balanced and open to maximum players. You can hope these matches to be good ones.

These are the indicators you need to scrutinize to find the best matches in Battlefield 2042. If you are curious to find the best matches in Battlefield 2042, check out our guide to know how to find them.

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