How to Find and Use Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail

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RPGs take players to different locations to complete different activities and quests. Honkai Star Rail is no exception to the tradition, and it allows players to visit numerous locations during their journey and find unique in-game items. Dazzling Rainbowite is one of those items that players will get during a quest and can be used in a certain way. If you are unaware of how to get and use this item in Honkai Star Rail, this guide will help you with it.

Honkai Star Rail Dazzling Rainbowite Location and Use- How to Get?

Honkai Star Rail was released a few days back, and since then, players have been grinding through the game to explore the entire in-game world. If you have been playing the game for some days, you know that the game takes players to different regions, and as you explore the region and complete quests, you will get unique items.

Dazzling Rainbowite is one of the in-game items that can be found by completing quests in the Jarilo VI region. Based on your exploration of the area, new locations unlock in the Jarlio VI, and the quest to get Dazzling Rainbowite will take you to the  Goethe Grand Hotel in Boulder Town, located at the top right side of the region.

Once you are in the Goethe Grand Hotel, you have to find an NPC named the Mysterious Woman. She is found east of the Goethe Grand Hotel Space Anchor. Visit her and talk to her. During your conversation, you will be given two choices- a big chest and a small chest. Choosing the big chest will trigger a battle against 2 Frostspawn and 2 Flamespawn. So, if you are looking for Dazzling Rainbowite, choose the small chest. Don’t worry if you have selected the big chest. After the fight ends, you can open the small chest and get the Dazzling Rainbowite.

Honkai Star Rail Dazzling Rainbowite Location and Use- How to Get

Once you have the item in your hands, you must be thinking about what to do with it. Well, this item can be sold to a specific NPC on the south side of where you find the Mysterious Woman. Pass the Market area and find the NPC named Balaway the Miner’s Lamp. While interacting with him, choose the option “I’m holding a fistful of crystal.” Next, you can exchange the Dazzling Rainbowite for a Praise of High Morales and 10000 Credits.

That’s all you need to know about how to find and use Dazzling Rainbowite in Honkai Star Rail.

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