How to Farm Gold in Miitopia

In most games, there is some form of currency that’s used for weapon upgrades and various other uses. Several games use Gold as the currency including Miitopia. Gold is a precious resource in Miitopia that can never be plenty. Its main use includes getting better gear at the Inn. Anyhow, you must already know the importance of Gold without us repeating it, so how to farm gold in Miitopia. Stick around and we will show you how.

Miitopia – How to Farm Gold

Gold is an essential resource, but not hard to come by in Miitopia. You can get gold by performing most activities in the game such as beating enemies, completing quests, looting chests, etc. So, you are bound to acquire a lot of gold as you keep playing the game. However, if you are looking for extra or more gold so you can get the best weapons that’s not acquirable from the gold you collect via usual means, there are a few ways.

When inside the Inn, the roulette game within the Arcade offers a chance at gold. When you get an item by playing roulette and stopping at yellow, you can sell the item for gold. Ensure you have a lot of game tickets so you can play the roulette several times and have a chance of getting a lot of items that you can exchange for gold. If you have a lot of Amiibo you can get 3 game ticket pet Amiibo, but given the Amiibo are not registered.

For players who don’t have the tickets or cannot attempt the above process, there is another way to get gold in the game. However, for this method, you need to be at post-game. After you have finished the game, you unlock the New Galados area, which has a gold route at node10-11. Here, there is a possibility you may run into Rich Snurp and upon beating it, you are rewarded with the 20,000 gold.         

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