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How to Extract Seven Gas Cans in Warzone 2 DMZ| Convenience Mission

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Call of Duty Warzone 2, the highly anticipated battle royale game, was released with several new features. New weapons and game modes are included, and a new backpack and loot system will allow players to customize their experience even more.

In Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, players complete contracts, world activities, and faction-based missions. Your main objective is to learn more about the three Factions and to complete their larger tasks. The second faction in the game, White Lotus, brings its own missions to complete. One of the missions is to extract seven gas cans in Warzone 2 DMZ. This guide will show you how to complete this mission in Warzone 2 DMZ.

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How to Extract Seven Gas Cans in Warzone 2 DMZ?

Extracting Seven Gas is part of the Convenience Tier 1 mission of the White Lotus faction. The White Lotus faction can be unlocked by successfully completing the ‘Storm the Stronghold’ mission for the Legion faction.

The Convenience Tier 1 Mission can be divided into the following tasks:

  • Fuel and repair vehicles at five gas stations.
  • Extract seven gas cans.

Start the game by getting yourself a vehicle and then head to the gas station. If you die in the game and then start again, you can start from the same gas station you died at. Also, go to multiple gas stations to get multiple gas cans.


Look for gas cans at the gas station. At least one will be there unless someone has taken it. While looking for gas cans, your vehicle will be repaired and fueled automatically. It may be beneficial to get a larger backpack in order to increase your inventory and to be able to carry seven gas cans and extract them.

Once you have 7 gas cans, head towards the closest extraction point and exfil with them, your mission will be completed. After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with a Kushaak Construction Warehouse Key and 5,000 XP.

This concludes our guide on how to extract seven gas cans in Warzone 2 DMZ. Keep checking our other guides to stay updated on the game. 

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