How to Enable ChatGPT Plugins

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ChatGPT is quickly growing in popularity as a text-based AI. But besides answering the occasional questions, the app can also perform a variety of other functions. For all that, you need to install and use several plugins to make the most of the ChatGPT app. If you are wondering how you can install and use ChatGPT plugins, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will see how to use ChatGPT plugins.

How to Enable ChatGPT Plugins

There are two ways you can try and get plugins for ChatGPT. The quickest but not-free method is to purchase the ChatGPT Plus subscription. The other method is to join their waitlist and hopefully, you will get selected to test out the available plugins for the app. Whichever method you choose, once you are through, you can follow the steps below to enable plugins in ChatGPT.

How to Get ChatGPT Plugin

  • Log into your ChatGPT account
  • Click on the three dots in the bottom left corner
  • Click on Settings > Beta Features > Enable Plugins
  • Go back to the main screen and select the GPT-4 model
  • Click on the Plugins option, then expand the No Plugins tab
  • You now have access to the plugins store
  • Select any of the available plugins and click install

How to Use ChatGPT Plugin

You can check all downloaded plugins under the GPT-4 model tab. They will be auto-enabled as soon as they are installed. To test them out, just type in the related query about that plugin and watch as ChatGPT deciphers it to give you the result.

When will ChatGPT Roll Out Plugins for All Users?

Currently, the plugin feature is still in the beta testing stage, and free users can avail of it by joining the waitlist. It is not guaranteed that everyone will get a chance, but if the feature is successful, then you can expect the official rollout for ChatGPT plugins soon.

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