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How To Craft and Use Treasure Compasses in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is first and foremost an open-world RPG and a majority of the reason why it’s become so popular is because of its exploration aspect. Genshin Impact has breathtaking sceneries and lore and it’s a blast to go exploring once a new region is released. One of the best things about exploration is finding treasure chests- either guarded by monsters and enemies or locked behind a puzzle. Since treasure chests also drop primogems, this is also a great and casual way to farm for primogems.

Treasure Compasses in Genshin Impact

Treasure Compasses are gadgets that can be obtained once you reach a certain Reputation Level in that nation. Each nation of Teyvat has its own Reputation system where you increase your popularity and reputation in that region and come to be more known and loved by the residents of that place. 

Each nation’s Reputation system rewards you with the blueprint of that region’s Treasure Compass which you can then use to locate treasure chests in that particular region. This way you can grab all the leftover chests which you didn’t find during your exploration and finally get that 100% Exploration tag in that region.

How to Craft Treasure Compasses

You can craft Treasure Compasses from a Blacksmith using Golden Treasure Hoarder Sigils, Crystal Chunks and one of that region’s local specialities. For example, Liyue’s Treasure Compass requires Cor Lapis and Mondstadt’s Treasure Compass requires Philanemo Mushrooms. 

How to Use Treasure Compasses

Once you equip a Treasure Compass you can click on it and it will scan the nearby area for treasures- this includes monster camps, seelies and even puzzles. If there aren’t any treasure chests in the area it won’t give you any directions and will have a small cooldown before you can use it again.

If it does successfully find treasure chests in the area, it will point you in that direction. But this pointer isn’t very reliable as it’s easy to miss visually. The surefire way to know if there’s any treasure in your vicinity is to check the CD. If it does find treasure in the area, it will have a long CD before you can use it again. 

You can then just use an interactive map service of Genshin Impact to locate all treasures in your area and check them off one by one. Once you’ve found all treasure chests in an area, your map will show a 100% Exploration mark to signify that you’ve found everything that there is to be found in that area. This way you can move on to the next incomplete exploration area and repeat the same process.

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