How To Craft A Smithing Table In Minecraft Nether

How To Craft A Smithing Table In Minecraft Nether

The Smithing Table is nothing new in the game and certainly not new with Minecraft Nether Update. However, there has been a slight change. Now, you can upgrade your diamond tools and armor to Netherite items, the most durable and powerful material introduced with the new update. Although the Smithing Table is available in your village, by crafting a new one you can carry it wherever you go and upgrade items on the go.

Smithing Table Nether Update

In order to craft the Smithing Table, you require two key ingredients four pieces of any plank and two iron ingots. Once you have these items, you can craft with the help if the crafting table by placing the six items in any order. Once you have the Smithing Table and the Netherite Ingots, you can start turning your diamond items into Netherite irrespective of how far you are from your village.

The tools and armor made from Netherite are capable of taking lava damage and can also float on lava. They are more powerful and durable then diamond items. You can make all type of Netherite items using the Smithing Table such as Netherite Sword, Netherite Axe, Netherite Hoe, Netherite Chestplate, Netherite Boots, Netherite Pickaxe, Netherite Shovel, Netherite Helmet, Netherite Leggings, etc.

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