How To Make Netherite Ingot In Minecraft Nether

Netherite is the strongest.

How to Get Netherite in Minecraft Nether

Minecraft Nether update is rolling out for all devices and it’s brought a whole new world with challenges that would keep you occupied for long. That brings up a question, what is Nether? ‘Nether’ is the darker side of Minecraft and would require you to craft new armor and obtain weapons to succeed in the quests. To craft highly durable items, you need Netherite scraps, which this guide is about. We will show you how to make Netherite Ingot in Minecraft Nether and get Netherite items.

What Is Netherite In Minecraft Nether

First things first, what is Netherite? These are raw materials in Minecraft Nether and are more powerful and durable than items made from diamond. Netherite items are capable of withstanding lava and float on them. Netherite is the most important resource in the game and without items made from it, progress in the game is near impossible. In order to get Netherite, you need for first get a new material in the game called Ancient Debris. Read further if you want to learn how to craft Netherite items.

How To Get Netherite Items In Minecraft Nether

The first step in the process of getting Netherite in the game is to create a Nether portal as it’s where you will find the rare material. You would require a Diamond Pickaxe and 12 Obsidian to create a portal and succeed in mining the material. After you have created the portal and gone through it, the first thing you need to find is the Ancient Debris. But, that’s easier said than done. Read further to learn the trick of finding Ancient Debris in the game.

Once you have the Ancient Debris, you can smelt it to produce one Netherite Scrap. You need four scraps and four Gold Ingots to produce the Netherite Ingots.

After you have the Netherite Ingots, you can start upgrading your diamond items to Netherite items.   

How To Find Ancient Debris In Minecraft Nether

Diamond Pickaxe is extremely important if you want to find Ancient Debris.  After you pass through the portal to Nether, you need to dig in order to find Ancient Debris. But, digging with anything other than the Diamond Pickaxe will result in nothing. The blocks to dig are at level 8 to 22. In order to check your depth PC players can click on F3, and check the Y-coordinate which is the second number from the 3 numbers listed and should be between 8-22 levels. Bedrock players will have to go to the game settings and enable “show coordinates.”

When digging be extra careful so you don’t fall into the lava. A good way to mine is by building a staircase like entrance, so you don’t fall down directly. After you reach the level, finding Ancient Debris to craft Netherite Ingot is pretty straightforward. You can farm the material in various directions.

How To Get Netherite Ingots In Minecraft

After acquiring the Ancient Debris, you can smelt it in a furnace with any type of fuel to produce one Netherite Scrap. However, you require four to make the Netherite Ingot. You also require four Gold Ingots to fulfill the recipe. Once you have the materials of the recipe, the placement does not matter. Simply place the scraps and gold in any order and it will produce the Netherite Ingots. That’s it, now you can start upgrading your diamond items to Netherite.       

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