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How to Complete the Countdown Mission in Modern Warfare 2

How to Complete the Countdown Mission in Modern Warfare 2

Countdown is the final mission in Modern Warfare 2 and naturally has some objectives that you prevent the flow of the game. The mission starts with you landing on a tower in Chicago. The objective of the mission if to stop the missile and terminate Hassan. Keep reading and we will show you how to complete the Countdown Mission and share details of parts where you may get stuck. There is an obvious spoiler so you can leave the article if you don’t want the story spoiled.

How to Finish Countdown Mission in Modern Warfare 2

The mission starts with you landing on the roof of a tower and have to Rappel down. As you rappel down, there are three floors with targets that have hostages. The first with 2 insurgents, second with 4, and finally 5. Once you clear the three floors, you can proceed to the rest of the mission. The first section of the mission is quite easy.

The second section of the mission involves going through the data center that is two rooms. The first is quite easy, but the second can be challenging with a lot of enemies. In the second datacenter room, stay alert of the riot shield enemy. He will appear when you center the second section of the room and a smoke bomb blasts. Stay away from the smoke and wait at the back so you are not head to head with the riot shield enemy. When you see the riot shield hostile from a distance, use a Grenade. There are also 3 armored guards in this room. So take them out.

You will then proceed to the third section of the mission which again involves extensive fight. This is probably the hardest part of the mission. Keep killing the enemies until you hear the Hassan is downstairs moving towards you. At that point, keep an eye on the stairs that leads down. Armored guards will appear, clear the first few and then, move to the stairs. That’s the only thing that worked for us. We have the whole thing in our YouTube video. We will embed that into the post so you can watch.

The next section involves a brief fight with a few armored guards, which should be easy. You then progress to a cut scene, after which you are required to follow Hassan. Jump on the first elevator top and a missile will hit you. Jump on Hassan.

At this point, you have lost all your weapons. Take the briefcase from Hassan and run past the guards to the bathroom. Destroy the missile in the bathroom. Here is how to destroy the missile.

  1. When Laswell says “Hit CLR and MODE at the same time,” press the F and C buttons on your keyboard at once.
  2. Then she says, “I need to know what’s in row two, column three,” the answer is %ESP
  3. Next, she says, “Not hit LEFT and CLR to initiate override,” you need to hit the buttons A and F at the same time
  4. Finally, hit the R when the green light is in the fourth position.

With that done, the missile will be destroyed and the remainder of the mission is to find a weapon and kill Hassan. We have a guide on that that we have linked.

If the guide was not clear enough and you require a visual representation, we have linked our YouTube video that takes you step by step on how to complete the Countdown mission in Modern Warfare 2.

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