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How To Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Kabuki Gigs

How To Complete Cyberpunk 2077 Kabuki Gigs

In the six districts of Cyberpunk 2077, there are several sub-districts each with a set of gigs that you can complete for rewards. Kabuki is the sub-region of Watson district. There are a total of six gigs in the region you can complete. Players are a bit confused about the location of the gigs. Not to worry through, in the Kabuki gigs walkthrough, we will show you how to complete Cyberpunk 2020 Kabuki gigs.

Cyberpunk 2077 Kabuki Gigs Walkthrough Guide

You can find the gigs on the map of the game, they are represented by a question mark. When you get close to the gigs, the question marks turn into the icon of the gig type. As for Kabuki, the various types of gigs are SOS: Merc Needed, Gun for Hire, Search and Recover, Special Delivery, Thievery, and Agent Saboteur.

Here is the drilldown on how to compete Kabuki Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077

Welcome To America, Comrade

When you come in proximity of a gig, you get a call from the fixer who will debrief you on the gig. This applies to all the gigs in the game. In order to attempt a gig, you must first meet the prerequisite which is the Street Cred. For the Welcome to America, Comrade Gig, you require Street Cred Tier 1 and the mission is type Agent Saboteur. To start the gig, you to the docks that are in the east side of Kabuki. You are required to place a tracker on a car that in a shipping container. This is a stealth mission as the area is well guarded and going from the front will have you killed.

From the main gate, go east and you will see a fence door. Kill the cameras and go to the wall cover hiding from the guards. Follow the path from the embankment and you will reach the car. Perform the object and exit from the docks.

Woman Of LA Mancha

In order to unlock the Woman Of LA Mancha gig, you need Street Cred Tier 1 and the mission type if Gun For Hire. To begin the gig, find the residence of Anna Hamil in the Kabuki Market. There are several ways you can approach the gig and depends on the attribute and street cred of your V. You can pay the prostitute or Imad, breach a hotels computer, or talk to the local Ripperdoc with the name Robert. Depending on your lifepath, take different paths to complete the mission.

Troublesome Neighbours

The unlock condition is Street Cred Tier 1 and the mission type is Gun for Hire. Go to the Cortes and Kennedy’s residential block. You need to target Taki Kenmochi, a member of the Tyger Claw gang. Use the alleyway that runs under the freeway ramp and then take a right turn, then left. You will be at the mission area. From this point you can go guns blazing or make the mission a stealth mission. Take out the first and second guard. Then, go up to Taki Kenmochi and finish the job.

Shark In The Water

Required to have Street Cred Tier 1 and mission type if Gun For Hire. Blake Croyle is the target of the gig. You can find him at the Pharmacy located at the east side of kabuki. For this mission, Stealth is necessary as the area is heavily guarded with animals and NCPD. If you are seen, it will lead to a prolonged battle. Kill the animals first and get into the pharmacy. There will be some more animals, take care of them as well before moving to Blake Croyle.

Back Against The Wall

The gig is unlocked with Street Cred Tier 1 and the mission type is Search and Recover. The objective of the mission is to get a medicine. Go to Columbus Street and housing block where the fixer asked you to go. Get into the house by force opening the door. Head to the top floor and open the bathroom door, there will be a man. The conversation will start from there. Stop where you are through the entire conversation to avoid a fight. Select the top-most dialogue so you have time to retrieve the medicine.

That’s all we have in this guide. So, you know now how to complete the six kabuki gigs in Cyberpunk 2077.       

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