How to Chat in Temtem (Activate In-game Chat Kisiwa Update)

How to Chat in Temtem (Activate In-game Chat Kisiwa Update)

If you are a fan of Pokemon, you would surely love Temtem. Another game that looks to expand the genre created by Pokemon, Temtem is a creature collection game that takes you across six islands. Chatting with other players is an important part of any multiplayer game and this feature has been long overdue in the game. Fortunately, the new The Kisiwa Update brings the ability to chat with other players apart from a bunch of other updates. In this guide, we will show you how to chat in Temtem or activate the in-game chat.

How to Chat in Temtem (Activate In-game Chat)

To chat in Temtem, you simply have to hit ‘Enter’ or the ‘T’ on the keyboard and it will bring up the chat. There are three tabs in the chat – Local, Global, and Trade. By default, the Local tab will be selected, which allows you to chat with players in your area.

If you want to close the chat, you simply have to hit Enter again if no text is typed. If there is text, you can click outside the box and that will close the chat. Right-clicking inside the chat box also makes it disappear. So, a lot of options to close the chat once you have opened it.

If accidentally opening the chat is something that’s bothering you and you rather have not chat. You can disable the chat from Settings. To disable chat in Chat in Temtem, open the Main Menu, head to Settings and untick the Display Chat field.

When you open the chat you will notice the Trade tab, this tab allows you chat with other about the items or Temtem you are looking for. Hang in this chat to know about the trade opportunities. You can even post your requirements and someone may help you.

The Globe tab allows you to connect with players around the globe as the name indicates. That’s all we have in this guide on how to chat in Temtem.     

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