How to Build 6 Floors in a Castle (Private Server) V Rising

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V Rising is one of the most popular vampire survival games of 2022. Players have enjoyed the gameplay because of its unique theme, where they can experience the life of a vampire who has awakened from his deep slumber after centuries. Being a vampire, players have to endure multiple difficulties to survive, and the first thing they need to survive in the game is their Castle. When you start playing V Rising, you must focus on building Castle. However, the latest update has brought a new feature to build a multi-storied Castle, and this guide will help you know how to build a 6-floor castle in V Rising on Private Server.

V Rising 6- Floor Castle Making in Private Server- How to Do?

If you have been playing V Rising from the beginning, you are aware that this game has several things to keep in mind, and one of them is to build a Castle. Castle is the base of the Vampire from where you can operate and control the actions. The original game has prioritized building Castle, and the latest Gloomrot update has brought a new feature for the Castle.

Initially, when V Rising was released, players had the feature to build a single-storied Castle. However, players have received new features with the new update, including building a multi-storied Castle. You can even make a 6-storied Castle, but that’s only for Private Servers. However, the Castle Height is set at 3 or 4, so you must increase the limit to 6. If you are curious about the process, go through the steps below-

  • Press the Window Button+ R
  • In the text box, type %appdata%
  • Clicking on the ‘Ok’ button will open the Roaming Folder.
  • This folder is not your destination. So, go to AppData.
  • Click on LocalLow
  • Select Sunlock Studios
  • Go to  V Rising
  • Go to Save and click on V1
  • Open ServerGameSettings
  • Look for CastleStatModifiers
  • Scroll to find the Height Limit
  • Change it to 6

Once the Castle Height is set to 6, you can resume playing your game and build a 6-storied castle. The process is the same. However, before everything, you must update your game.

That’s all you need to know about how to build a 6 Storied Castle in V Rising.

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