How to Become Plumber in BitLife

 How to Become Plumber in BitLife

BitLife is a life simulator game available on a mobile platform where you start your life as a new person and make choices. In this game, You have full control over what the character will do or become in future. This game doesn’t give players choices for dialogue but the choice of taking action so it depends on you what you wanna be. 

BitLife – How to Become Plumber

To become a plumber, a player doesn’t need any degree or any specific education but you need to be 18+ years old to become a plumber. Prior experience is also not required to get an entry-level job in plumbing.

To get your career started in plumbing, you first need to be 18+ as said before and then go to occupation and select job- scroll until you find the apprentice plumbing position.

To become a full pledge plumber you need to have experience being an apprentice plumber. But it still counts towards the challenge. After selecting the apprentice plumbing position you need clear an interview to get the job. 

The most difficult thing about becoming a plumber is not the work but finding the work. The best way to find a job is to search through the full-time job tab but if you can’t find a plumber job you can try a few things. First thing is to close and open the full-time job menu so it refreshes and you find the job. Secondly, you can just close the BitLife app and reopen it to relist the full-time job lastly, you can try to age your character but don’t close the application as it stops ageing your character. 

That’s all there is to know as to how you become a plumber in BitLife. You can also check other guides as well.

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