How to Access Google Classroom on Your PS4 and PS5

Many educational services and apps have been gaining popularity since the lockdown but only a few offer an immersive classroom experience. Google Classroom for one has long been touted as a very reliable resource for both students and teachers. And now with the ability to access this service on gaming consoles without the need of other devices has made it a lot more convenient for the youth. Read on to find out how to access Google Classroom on your PS4 and PS5.

The free web service by Google aims at simplifying the classroom experience for both students and teachers with its ability to easily create, share and grade assignments. Google Classroom is easy to use, offers effective communication and feedback, clean UI and is accessible on almost all devices.

How to Use Google Classroom on Your PS4

The PS4 has its own web browser which makes it easier to access Google Classroom on PS4.

  1. On your Dualshock 4 controller press the PS button. Now go to the Library.
  2. Select Games and Applications and now go to the Applications section. You will now see the web browser.
  3. On the web browser, type in the address of the link shared for your school/class/learning resource. Or type and then log in using the details provided by school.

How to Use Google Classroom on Your PS5

Accessing the Google Classroom on PS5 is little more complex as web browser on PS5 has not been actively advertised and is in fact hidden in the system (PS5 does not have an actual dedicated Web Browser App). Read and follow the following steps to access Google Classroom on PS5 easily:

  1. Go to Settings of PS5.
  2. Select Users and Accounts
  3. Select Link With Other Services.
  4. Now click on Twitter, which will take you to the hidden web browser.
  5. On the top left corner, you will see a Twitter logo. Click it and you will be taken to the Twitter interface for web browsers.
  6. Next, Log in and you will have access to the PS5 web browser.
  7. After accessing the browser follow the same steps (step 3 in PS4) and you should be set.

Google Classroom can also be accessed on X Box in a very similar manner.

The ability to integrate G Suite Services like Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar within the classroom further cements Google Classroom’s position as the preferred mode of communication and teaching for schools.

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