Modern Warfare 2

How Does the Weapon Vault Work in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most anticipated games of 2022. This title is bringing several improvements to the widely revered Call of Duty multiplayer, which will make it an enjoyable experience for gamers worldwide.

The game is currently in an open beta stage. It is scheduled to be launched on October 28.

What is the Weapon Vault in Modern Warfare 2?

Alongside the several features available in the game, Modern Warfare 2 is also bringing a Weapon Vault into the title. This feature has been described as the “ultimate weapon blueprint” by the developers of Infinity Ward.

The Weapon Vault gives players access to a special weapon. This special weapon looks apart from other guns in the game. Alongside this, players can also attach over 50 attachments to the weapon received from the Weapon Vault.

However, with the arrival of the much more lucid Weapon Vault feature, blueprints might disappear from the game altogether.

The Open Beta mode already allows gamers to access one weapon from the vault in the game. Players who pre-ordered the title before the Open Beta began will get access to the M4 assault rifle in the game. This weapon has been named FJX Cinder.

Users who get access to the first weapon revealed via the Weapon Vault can create several types of guns using the receivers and attachments available in the game at the moment.

More weapons will be added to the Vault once the game launches. Players will also get plenty more customization weapons to ensure that the weapon fits their play style the best.

Modern Warfare 2 is stepping up to be the best Call of Duty experience fans and gamers have had throughout the past few years. The game is going to bring back some signature features whilst getting rid of some others that were not quite interesting or captivating. Overall, MW2 is one of the best games to look out for this Fall.

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