Honkai Star Rail- Every Simulated World Guide

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Honkai Star Rail is a game that has many activities to do, such as Forgotten Halls, chest hunting, side quests and main quests. Another activity is the Simulated World, where players have to fight their way to the boss by defeating various elites and mobs and collecting different buffs. There are six worlds in total and from World 3 onwards, each world has multiple difficulties. This guide will help you choose the best path resonance for each Simulated World and how to complete it in Honkai Star Rail.

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Simulated World 1 Guide 

The Simulated World 1 should be very easy as it is an introduction world and only requires level 16 units. Players can use the Free to Play team of Physical MC, Asta, Natasha and March to clear this world. Enemies are mostly weak to Physical and Fire so players should be fine. For the Path resonance, players can choose Preservation or Destruction as it provides bulkiness and also damage. Players can also use Dan Heng as well in place of Asta or even Physical MC as he is free as well. 

Simulated World 2 Guide 

Simulated World 2 requires players to have level 35 Characters and can be challenging but players can use these characters to make it easier: Asta (provides weakness break and Speed), Serval (AoE damage and weakness break), Natasha (healing) and March 7th (shield). Players should also choose the Destruction path or the Preservation path for this as they will provide the bulkiness and also damage. 

Simulated World 3 Guide  

The simulated World 3 is the first world which will make players retry if they are careful. The biggest problem is going to be the shield which Gepard will put out. Players either need to survive the shield phase or break the shield faster. Players can use this team of Physical MC, Serval, March 7th and Natasha with the Preservation resonance path as it provides the best protection and also has good Damage with resonance. I would suggest players level their characters to 40 and also increase their HP by levelling Relic to 8. 

Simulated World 4 Guide 

This Simulated World can be challenging if players can not break the shield very fast. Simulated World 4 has Svarog as the final boss and players would need good Fire and Lightning characters to break the shield. Players can use the team of Asta, Serval, Natasha and March 7th with a path resonance of Hunt as it provides good damage buff to the character as well as it does damage itself. Players should level their character to level 50 before this world attempt. 

Simulated World 5 Guide 

This world is very difficult without the Abundance path at a lower level. Players can only get the Abundance path after attempting the World 5 at least once so it is required to try the World 5 once and then retry again with the Adundance path. Players will face Kafka as the final boss and she has many debuffs so players will require cleanse and Abindance resonance provides that. Players can use the team of Physical MC, Dan Heng, March 7th and Natasha with the Abundance Path.

Simulated World 6 Guide 

This world is somewhat easier than World 5 if players use the tactics of destroying the Ice pillars summoned by Cocolia by using a Path resonance attack or characters. This world can be completed with Hunt or Destruction path as they can defeat the Ice Pillars. Players can use the team of Fire Trailblazers, Serval/Qingque, Natasha and March 7th with either the Hunt Resonance or destruction path. Players also need to make sure to kill Bronya during the 2nd Phase as well to reduce the buffs going to Cocolia. 

That’s all you need to know about how to clear all the Simulated World in Honkai Star Rail. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news on Honkai Star Rail and various other games.

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