Fix YouTube TV Buffering Issue

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YouTube TV has picked up popularity for being a fast and reliable streaming service. But recently there seem to be issues with the app buffering at odd times. The buffering issue in YouTube TV is an ongoing problem, and would usually get resolved in due time. If you are experiencing the YouTube TV buffering issue for some time, then you can keep reading. In this guide, we will see how to fix the YouTube TV Buffering Issue.

Fix YouTube TV Buffering Issue

If you are unable to watch your favorite shows on YouTube TV, then we have compiled a bunch of tips you can use to get past the buffering issue. There is no hard fix for this problem yet, but these tips can help you get past the initial buffering.

  • Check Server Status – Oftentimes it is a server issue that can cause buffering and lag in YouTube TV
  • Use a Third Party App – Apps like TNT do allow you to log in using your YouTube credentials. You can try to use third-party apps to watch your shows
  • Update Version – You should check if your app is behind in updates. If so, you should update it to the latest version to avoid the buffering issue
  • Check Network Connectivity – If your router is causing problems, then you can try to restart it or switch to a different network. You can even use an Ethernet cable or hotspot to stream
  • Clear Cache – If you are streaming through a Smart TV, then you can try to uninstall the YouTube TV app > Power cycle the TV and router > Reinstall the app. If you are using a web browser, then you can click on More or the three dots on the top corner of your browser > More tools > Clear browsing data. You can also check for any software updates to your device or application
  • Refresh the app – You can try to go back to the main page or close the app and relaunch it to get it to work
  • Reinstall the app – You can also try to uninstall and reinstall YouTube TV to see if it helps
  • Restart your device – You should do a quick restart to your device and then try to relaunch YouTube TV
  • Check active devices – If there are a large number of devices logged into the same account, you will face issues.

If you find that none of the above issues work for you, then you can try to contact the customer support team and get it sorted. If you like this post, you can check out our other articles like How to Fix YouTube TV Oversaturation Issue and Can we Fix YouTube Live Chat mode not working or Stuck issue

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