Fix Xbox Series S Error Code 0x80073CF3

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

An error code that often resurfaces on the Xbox Series S is the error code 0x80073CF3. The error code is accompanied by an error message that the update has failed and you can retry. Needless to say, retrying does not help. There are three primary reasons you could be seeing the Xbox Series S Error Code 0x80073CF3 – when there is an issue with the Xbox Live Services, a problem with the user’s internet connection, or the most likely cause a glitch with the console. While you cannot do anything about the servers, you can address the other two issues to resolve the error. Here are the solutions to fix the Xbox Series S error.

How to Fix Xbox Series S Error Code 0x80073CF3

Before you try anything else to fix the error, it’s worthwhile to verify the internet connection. But, before that restart the console and the network hardware such as a modem/router. Once the devices have rebooted, go to the Network settings of the console and select Test network speed & statistics. Since you have already rebooted the router, the chances of an error are minimal. Now, do what you were doing and check if the Xbox Series S Error Code 0x80073CF3 still occurs.

If restarting the console and the network device did not fix the error, it’s very likely that the Xbox Live services are down and that’s what’s causing the error code to show. In such a case, we suggest that you verify the status of Xbox Live Service before you proceed further in the guide.

In case the Xbox Live Services is fine, the problem could be a glitch on the device. A simple reset should be able to resolve the error. When resetting the console, you have two options, one that deletes everything, you should avoid it. The second option is to RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS. You need to select the reset and keep my games and apps option.

Once you reset the console, the Xbox Series S Error Code 0x80073CF3 should not appear anymore.   

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