Fix Warzone 2 Error Code HUENEME – CONCORD Networking is Offline

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

If you are on consoles and attempt to launch the game now, you will get the Warzone 2 networking is offline error code HUENEME – CONCORD. Unlike some of the other errors in the game, this one has a specific cause, which we will discuss in the article. For players on PC, you do not have the option to launch the game, so the error is out of the question, but this error can also show up on Pc. The reason for this error is the client failed to communicate with the server. Keep reading to find out more.

Fix Warzone 2 Networking is Offline

Warzone 2 networking is offline with error code HUENEME – CONCORD means that the servers are not online yet. If you are attempting to play the game now, that’s the exact cause. Infinity Ward is yet to make the servers online. Unlike MW2, where you could use the New Zealand trick to play the game early is not applicable in the case of Warzone 2. The game goes live at the same time worldwide. The launch of Warzone 2 is scheduled for 16 Nov at 10 AM PT. So, if you attempt to launch the game before that, you will likely get the networking offline.

Here is the in-game notification from MW2 that reveals the launch time for Warzone 2.

Fix Warzone 2 Networking is Offline

The game will arrive at 6 PM in London, 7 PM CET, and 1 PM EST. So, don’t worry if you are getting the error; the game is not online yet. However, there are other reasons you can get this error post-game launch—issues on your site. If you happen to run into the MW2 networking is offline error post-launch, the first thing you need to do is reboot the console and ensure that the game is up to date.

You can switch your internet connection or launch the game using a mobile hotspot. Using a VPN can also help in case of an issue with your IP. If the above solutions did not work, verify that the servers are still up and the launch has not been postponed.

That’s all we have for the moment on this error. We will keep an eye on the situation and update the post if we find out more.

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