Fix Roku Live TV Channels Not Working

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Roku TV is a popular streaming platform that has a variety of inclusive shows for all audiences. It has quickly gained traction for being the preferred streaming platform. But lately, the application is facing some issues, where the channels will not show up or hampers playback. This issue is quite persistent and would usually get resolved on its own in due time. But if you are the handful of users who are facing this problem repeatedly, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will see how to fix the Roku Live TV channels not working issue.

Fix Roku Live TV Channels Not Working

There are several reasons why the Roku Live TV app doesn’t work, but there is no singular fix for the issue. Let’s take a look at some ways you can get the Roku Live TV Channels working again

  • Check Network Connectivity: If your internet is the culprit, you should try to reset your router or switch to a different network
  • Check Server Status: Sometimes servers can get down from the client’s side, so you should check the official Roku Twitter or Downdetector to find out if the servers are working.
  • Reset Roku Connection – You can change your Roku connection setting and switch to a different network by going to Settings option > System > Advanced Settings > Network connection reset.
  • Check Roku Network Connection – For this, go to Roku Network > Check connection. After that, go to the About section to check the network speed and strength
  • Update Roku – You can check whether you are running the latest Roku update by going to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now
  • Restart the device – If you are using the Roku device, then go to Settings > System > Power > System Restart to restart the device
  • Hard Reset the TV – For this, go to your TV Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset
  • Rescan Channels – Go to the Roku Settings > TV inputs > Antenna TV > Set as input. Then press the * button on your remote control and select the option to Scan for Channels.
  • Unplug the device – Some users found that unplugging and replugging the device seems to get things moving. You can even try to turn off and turn on the TV while the device is unplugged to see if it helps. 
  • Contact Support – If none of the above tips work, you can try to contact Roku customer support to get more details about the issue.

That’s all there is to know about Roku Live TV Channels not working. If you like this post then you can check out our other articles like Fix HBO Max Freezes and Crashes on Roku Devices and Fix YouTube TV Keeps Freezing When Ads Run

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