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Fix Red Dead Online Error Code 0x40003002

Fix Red Dead Online Error Code 0X40003002

The latest update to the game has brought about an irritating error the Red Dead Online error code 0x40003002. From reports, it appears the error is widespread and a problem with the servers or the patch. The recent patch released on the 28th of July was supposed to address some old bugs with the game, but it seems to have broken the game even further. The error prevent the users from going online. Some users are able to log-in, but the game eventually crashes with the 0x40003002 error. Read further to know more about the error and if you can do something about it.

Fix Red Dead Online Error Code 0x40003002

The error message reads “You’ve been disconnected from Red Dead Online due to a network error. Error: 0x40003002.” Although the message suggests a network error, we can confirm it’s a problem with the game as users who reported the problem could play the game prior to the patch. As such, there is not much you can do to fix the problem permanently. However, there are certain temporary fix that can get you in the game, but the fix is not universal and the error may arise again.

The first fix you must attempt is to restart the system and if the error persists, rested the network. Players on PC can renew the IP and flush the DNS. PS4 players should hard reset the devices i.e. close the PS4, disconnect the power cords, allow it to rest for 30 seconds, press on the power button for 10 seconds, reconnect the power cord, and boot the PS4. Xbox users should also try and reset the device. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, let it rest for a few seconds and boot it up again. If you have hard reset correctly, a green screen should appear when you restart.

Another fix that has worked for a lot of people to resolve Red Dead Online Error Code 0x40003002 is deleting the saved data, this applies to users on all devices. For PC players, the saved data may be in Documents > My Games > Saves. You can do the same for console, but ensure you don’t delete it from the cloud or the progress could be lost.

The last fix we suggest is to spawn in to free roam and then form the posse and invite your friends. Try these three fix and you may be able to fix the issue.

Another thing you would want to know about the error is they happen at a particular time, so when you see the error, visit the website downdetector and check the status of servers, it’s probably down. So, play the game when the servers are up again as momentarily the servers for the game is down in your region.     

As the problem is widespread, it won’t be long before a patch is released that addresses the issue. You can check the Twitter handle of the game for more updates. If you continue encountering the error when most people aren’t, then it’s a cause of worry and you may need to perform some fixes.

But, at the moment, just wait for a fix from the developers. If the error continues when it’s been fixed from the developer’s end, let us know in comments and we would suggest other fixes for Red Dead Online Error Code 0x40003002. 

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