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Fix New World Stuttering, Lag, and FPS Drop

Fix New World Stuttering, Lag, and FPS Drop

New World is turning out to be a hit that most people already anticipated. Keeping aside the server problem with the game, it’s a fun experience and combines the elements of so many popular MMOs. One of the issues that lingered with the game ever since the Alpha is stuttering caused by lag or FPS drop. It’s not just New World, most games released in the past few years have this problem. While the system requirement for New World is not particularly high, playing the game with low RAM or just meeting the specifications causes a problem with the game.  

While New World is not the most optimized game, we were able to play it flawlessly on an i7 Processor (previous-gen), 8GB RAM and GTX 1650 and had no problems what so ever. Another system that we tried the game on was i7 Processor (new gen), 16 GB RAM, and GTX 2080 Ti, again no issues at all. However, some users are reporting the New World Stuttering, Lag, and FPS Drop. If you have encountered these problems, here is what you need to do.

How to Fix New World Stuttering, Low FPS, and Lag

There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with stuttering. A drop in FPS will most definitely result in the game stuttering. As New World is an always-online game, a drop in the internet bandwidth will contribute to the lag, FPS drop, and stuttering. So, if you have encountered these problems with the game, the first and the obvious place to look is your internet connection. Besides that, here are the things you can do.

  1. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, preferably a wired internet connection.
  2. Update the graphics card driver software. There is a new Game Ready Driver with day-one support for New World. You can find it on the link.  
  3. Play the game on Fullscreen Mode rather than other modes. Windowed mode is known to cause stutter in games.
  4. Play the game on default settings. If the game still stutters, reduce all the settings. Refer to our post on the best settings for New World.
  5. If you are playing the game using the Steam client, disable the Steam Overlay as it’s known to cause stutter in games. Also, disable the Windows Game Bar and the GeForce Experience Overlay.
  6. Run the game in a clean boot environment, so there’s no background applications causing the stutter and lag. Refer to this post for steps on clean boot.
  7. If New World freezes and there is drop in FPS when you click on the mouse, set the mouse polling rate to 125 or something around that.
  8. If New World is stuttering a lot, limit the FPS. Go to the Graphics Settings of the game and limit the FPS to match your display Hz or 1 above.
  9. Set New World at High Priority. To do it, open Task Manager > More Details > Details > Right click on New World.exe > Set Priority > High.
  10. Do not overclock the GPU as it can also cause stutter at time when the GPU becomes unstable due to OC.

If trying the above steps has not fixed your problem, the problem may be with your connection. Perform a lag check to see if your ping is too high.

  • Press Windows Key + R > type ping –t > hit Enter
  • The Ping you should aim for is below 50, but anything below 100 is also good. If higher than 150, your ping is too high.

That’s all we have in this guide. We hope you were able to fix the New World stuttering, FPS drop, and lag with the help of the guide. If you have a solution that worked for you, please share it in the comments for other users to try.

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