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Fix MTG Arena Network Error – Unable to Join Event

Fix MTG Arena Network Error - Unable to Join Event

MTG Arena is one of the most popular card games available on multiple platforms. Recently, the game has been having a lot of issues. The past 24 hours have been the most difficult for players as they are unable to play the game due to MTG Arena ‘Network Error.’ The complete error message reads, “Network Error. Unable to join event. Please try again later.” It’s not the best description of a problem, but it’s sufficient to indicate the problem may be either with the servers or the user’s internet connection that’s causing a disconnect between the client and the server. Stick with the post and we will let you know all about the error in Magic the Gathering: Arena.

How to Fix MTG Arena Network Error

The error is making it impossible for users to play all modes or specific ones. Some users are unable to play Standard 2022 Ranked, while others have problems with all events – Traditional Standard Play, Play, Brawl, or even Bot Match.

MTG Arena Network Error

The most likely cause of this error is a problem with the server. They are either down for maintenance or have been affected by a glitch. In most cases, you should not strain yourself as the game will be back online and you will be able to play the game within a few hours. There are a few ways you can verify the status of the servers. Follow the link to check the status of the servers. If the Game or Matches is not operational, it is the cause of the error.      

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