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Fix Modern Warfare 2 Assert Error ‘Assertion Failed Bad Event Handle’

Modern Warfare 2’s beta experience has been amazing once we got past the few hurdles you can expect from a beta, but not all users have been as fortunate. Many payers who got the Modern Warfare 2 Assert error have yet to get into a game, and the open beta is nearly here. It’s unfortunate, but some fixes can help you get back into the game with some luck. Keep reading to find out.

Modern Warfare 2 Assert Error ‘Assertion Failed Bad Event Handle’ Fix

When you boot up Modern Warfare 2, you will get a message saying that the game did not close properly and that you wanted to boot it up in safe mode. Regardless of the option you choose, you may run into the MW2 Assertion Failed: Bad Event handle (handle 0x0000000000000000) error. This is the most difficult to fix among all the errors in the game. Here are the solutions that have worked for users.

One of the popular fixes for this error is installing the Steam client in the default location (your C drive). Instead of moving the folder there, we suggest you take a backup of the Commons folder within the Steam folder so you do not have to download all the games again. Now, uninstall MW2 beta and then uninstall the Steam client as well. Reinstall the Steam and move the Commons folder back. Now, download the MW2 beta from scratch. Once the download completes, try to play the game. Also, do note that when you install the beta again, install it in the C drive and not somewhere else. If the game does not start, verify the integrity of your game files.

Unfortunately, this is the only fix for the Modern Warfare 2 Assertion error. While the solution has worked for some, some users also reported it not to work. So, you need a bit of luck, and you might get into a game.

The good news is that the devs are aware of the issue, as they acknowledged it in a thread on the Steam discussion. So, hopefully, we will have a patch that fixes the issue when it goes into open beta for PC and Xbox.  

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  1. The most help i think i have ever received just unfortunate that the fix doesn’t work for me but i have asked for support through steam and activision and haven’t received any help but the posts are the best help. I downloaded steam and Modern Warfare 2 on my c drive and it did help but whenever i clicked play it would play for 3-4 seconds then ask me to click play again so i re downloaded it on my D drive as the storage in my c drive was full and just hope they fix it later today when the week 2 open beta comes out at 6PM GMT today if not then ill refund it then download it on as i gained a beta code for that and am able to play it on there which is the only solution i have.

    1. Hi,

      I suggest that you get it on B.Net. That should fix the issue. Not that Battle.Net does not have its issues, but it’s worth trying.

      1. Yes, if it isn’t fixed before the beta finishes then ill refund it and go for

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