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Fix Modern Warfare 2 18 Files Corrupted Couldn’t Verify

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Modern Warfare 2 has not had the best campaign launches for everyone. While not everyone encounters the bugs and errors in the game, many players do, and some are yet to launch the game. We had a few run-ins with the bugs, but another team member did not have a single bug or error, and the campaign went smoothly for her. One of the bugs that have persisted since day one is the Modern Warfare 2 couldn’t verify 18 files or 18 corrupted files bug. Keep reading to find out more.

Modern Warfare 2 18 Files Corrupted Couldn’t Verify Fix

We think that the reason for the MW2 18 files corrupted bug is your antivirus or windows defender mistook the files for malware or virus and kept deleting them. A user confirmed our theory on our YouTube channel as he successfully fixed the issue after disabling the Windows Defender.

So, you should first disable the Windows Defender or any other antivirus you may have. Once that’s done, download the game. After that, set exclusion for the game folder and the game executable on your Windows Defender and Antivirus.

To check the fix, start by disabling Windows Defender (do not disable the antivirus permanently, or your security may be at risk.) To perform the fix, search for Windows Defender in the Windows Search, and on the left bar, you should see the option to disable it. If you use a third-party antivirus, do the same for it.

After downloading the game, set an exception. You can learn more about setting exceptions in this post. So, that’s all you can do at the moment, and I hope that the fix works for you.     

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