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Fix Genshin Impact Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen Bug

Ever since the release of Genshin Impact nearly six months back, we have had to battle against a range of error codes from server-side to client side issues, but the game itself has been mostly bug free. However, the recent patch and event update has brought about the Genshin Impact Crazy Kitchen bugs. The Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen quest has not one but quite a few bugs that is troubling players. The first bug is game breaking where Smiley Yanxiao sinks into the ground unable to move and progress. The only thing you can do is restart the game.

The second bug occurs where the quest keeps timing out. Both are serious bugs and prevent the progress of players. Fortunately, there are solutions for the Genshin Impact Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen bugs. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to fix the bugs.

Fix Genshin Impact Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen Bug

Here are the solution for both the bugs/glitch in Genshin Impact.

Smiley Yanxiao Sinks Into the Ground

The first bug of the quest hits randomly and not on every run. So, the most effective fix for Genshin Impact Smiley Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen bug where Smiley Yanxiao gets stuck in the ground is to restart the game entirely and you should not encounter the glitch this time around. It’s more of a glitch than a bug in the game. Very few players encounter it and a simple reboot of the client does the trick to resolve the issue.

Sometimes you may have to restart the game or system multiple time before the issue is fixed. If you are rebooting the game and it’s not working, we suggest that you reboot the system completely. It applies to players on all platforms.

Fix Genshin Impact Crazy Kitchen Bug

Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen Quest Timing Out

One of the main reason for the Genshin Impact Yanxiao Crazy Kitchen quest timing out bug is a problem with the internet connection of the player. The bug seems to mostly impact players on mobile device; however, can hit PC and other devices as well. The fix for the bus is to compete gathering ingredients prior to starting the quest. You require 3 portions of Tofu and Rice each from Second Life and the same amount of almonds from Dongsheng.

After acquiring the items, start the quest normally and you have avoided the bug.

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