Fix Fortnite “Ignite Opponents with Fire” Not Working

Fix Fortnite Ignite Opponents with Fire Not Working

One of the challenges in Fortnite Season 5 is “Ignite Opponents with Fire,” but players are facing difficulty completing the challenge. Either players are not doing it right or the game is not counting the activity. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to the problem. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to fix Fortnite “Ignite Opponents with Fire” challenge not working.

Fix Fortnite “Ignite Opponents with Fire” Not Working

The game may not be counting it as a fire damage when it’s caused by an explosion; splash damage on the other hand does count. The trick here is to get at least a few ticks of fire on the enemy or yourself. Yes, getting a few ticks on yourself also counts as ‘on fire.’ The simplest way to complete the Fortnite “Ignite Opponents with Fire” challenge is to throw a Firefly on the ground, allow it to ignite the ground, then walk onto the burning ground. For every 10 damage you get, it will count as one opponent. You can do this with just a single firefly and stack that up to complete the challenge.

As it turns out, the Fortnite “Ignite Opponents with Fire” not working is not a bug, it’s just players are not doing it right.

In order to complete the challenge, don’t aim for direct impact, instead try to do splash damage that gets ticks of fire on the enemy and that should do the trick. With most weapons like Kars, Shotgun, and others the damage is explosive, direct, but not fire damage. For it to count as fire damage, the enemy must get ticks of fire or stand on the fire caused by your weapon.

Firefly Jar is the best for the job. Here is what you need to do. First, equip Firefly Jar and aim for splash damage rather than direct impact. You need to do 10 ticks of damage for the challenge to complete.

If you are looking for easy completion, setting yourself on fire is the easiest route. Just set the ground on fire and stand on it, stack the count and you should be good to go. Going by user reports, you may have to try the above process multiple times as the game may fail to count it. Nevertheless, if you are doing it right, it’s quite easily obtainable. That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more insight and guides into Fortnite.

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    1. “You’re doing it wrong”…BS

      I have tried about 50 permutations of attempting fire damage on both opponents and myself, and as of the release of the 15.21 patch, zero fire damage. I even tried lighting a campfire and standing in it. This heals for 2 and damages for 10 over and over…all the way to death, and never counts towards the goal. I tried fireflies, then running into the fire with 100 health, then burning all the way to zero/death…still doesn’t count. I watched my dragon sniper shot ignite the ramp an opponent was standing on, then them ignite, burn for a few seconds, and still doesn’t count. I tried setting the entire wooden monstrosity on fire above a building (players made a 14 story wood mess). Burnt the entire thing to the ground igniting several players, no count. Before this patch, I got credit for burning 21 people using these techniques. After the patch, all fail to register. This IS BROKEN, not being done wrong. BROKEN

      1. Yes agree, have same problem, stuck on 21 out of 25

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