Farming Simulator 22

Fix Farming Simulator 22 Could Not Connect to Server

Fix Farming Simulator 22 Could Not Connect to Server

Farming Simulator 22 is proving to be a bigger hit than two of the most awaited titles of the year Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042, at least that’s what the Steam numbers are suggesting. Even since its launch, the game has been amassing reviews and concurrent users. It’s already past the 100K concurrent players mark and stands on top of the Steam chart well above the two games. But, it’s not a merry experience for every player as some struggle with the Farming Simulator 22 Could Not Connect to Server error. The error occurs on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Stadia, and Mac. So, no one is left untouched by the error. If you are looking for a quick fix, here is what you need to do.

Farming Simulator 22 Could Not Connect to Server Error Fix

The most likely cause of the error is an internet connection problem on the user end, but can also be due to a fault at the server end like downtime for maintenance. Hence the first logical solution is to check the servers when you get the Farming Simulator 22 ‘Could not connect to server error. Twitter is the best place to monitor any announced server downtime.

If you are on a console, the best solution is a hard reset or power cycle of both the console and the network hardware. Oftentimes, continued usage of the devices can leave some bad cache that can prevent network connections. Hence, go ahead and hard reset the console. To do it, turn off the console > remove the power cords > press the power button and hold for 10 seconds > reconnect the power cord and start. Do this for the modem or router too.

For players on PC, you should also power cycle the modem or router and restart the PC, then, attempt to launch the game.

If the above solution did not work, ensure that the game is updated. If you were playing the game fine and suddenly the error appeared, the issue is most likely with the game. Give the game some time and the error should resolve on its own.    

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