Fix Control On Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’

Fix Control On Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’

Control along with the popular PC title Hitman 3 is coming to Switch via cloud streaming. As such players who tried to access the game are faced with the Control Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’ message. If you find yourself staring at this message on the screen when trying out cloud gaming, there is an easy fix.

Fix Control On Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’

Nintendo Switch is moving towards cloud gaming and two titles made available are Control and the other Hitman 3. You can download the demo of the game and start playing. As with cloud gaming, your local device does not store a lot of components of the game. Essentially, the entire game is stored on the cloud just like other cloud gaming services such as GeForce Now and others.

To play the games, you need to connect to the servers via a fast internet connection and you can enjoy the game. While trying to connect to the servers, you may see the Control On Nintendo Switch ‘Connecting to Cloud Server’ message. It means that the device is connecting to the servers. The message is more likely to appear during the free trial of the game.

If the message persists and you are stuck at ‘Connecting to Cloud Server,’ the problem could be local with your internet connection or there may be a glitch on the server end. Ensure that other players or your friends in your region are not experiencing the same problem. If they are, the problem might be at the server end.

Whenever the screen is stuck with the message for too long, your first action should be to check your internet connectivity. As it’s a cloud service that requires a consistent and reliable internet connection, fluctuations or slow bandwidth can prevent the device from connecting with the servers.

If you were able to play the game earlier, but the message has just started to get stuck on your screen, you may have to wait for a while as there may be a glitch on the server-end or there are too many players trying to play the game, which is overburdening the servers.

You should note that since this is a new service from Switch, certain glitches like these are to be expected. But, as the platform matures the frequency of their occurrence will subside.     

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