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Fix Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working on PC

Fix Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working on PC

After a really messed up beta, Battlefield 2042 has finally been released for players who ordered the Gold and the Ultimate editions of the game. Day one of the game was a mess with all sorts of bugs and errors imaginable. However, on a positive note, the server issues with the game have subsided. They are not completely gone, but most players can jump into a game now. It’s worth noting that the game has not yet had its first patch, which we think would arrive on the 19th when the game fully releases. A lot of issues with the game would be fixed in the patch. But, the controller not working may not be an issue with the game and hence, the patch may not address it. There are a few quick and simple solutions to Battlefield 2042 controller not working on PC issues. Here is what you need to do.

Battlefield 2042 PS and Xbox Controller Not Working on PC Fix

Update 15 Nov

The fix we are about to suggest is not exclusive to BF2042, it works in most games that have a controller issue. What you need to do basically is enable the Steam input so the client is able to better understand your controller input and tune the sync. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. From the Steam Library, right-click on the game and choose Properties
  2. Go to the Controller section
  3. Under Override for Battlefield 2042, select Enable Steam Input

This simple tweak of the controller settings will allow you to play the game without any issues. If that fails, set the correct controller in Big Picture Mode. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Steam on the top left corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu
  2. Go to the Controller tab and click on General Controller Settings
  3. Now, check the controller you are using from the options
  4. Press Ok to save changes and exit.

Beta Content – There is a range of bugs with controllers in Battlefield 2042. It’s not just that the controllers don’t connect. For players who were able to bypass the bug, it turns out the keybindings are bugged or their character act oddly such as looking at the sky. Here are some solutions for the Battlefield controller bug on PC.

  1. The game does not sync well with the Elite Controller. If you have the option change the controller it should work. Also, ensure that no other peripherals are plugged in the USB port. Before the game loads, unplug everything that you have plugged in. If that does not work, reboot the game and launch after unplugging everything except the controller.
  2. Ensure that while using the controller, the keyboard and mouse are unplugged. You can load the game and then, unplug the keyboard and mouse.
  3. If the above two things did not work, check that the problem is not with the controller connection. Ensure that the controller is properly connected.
  4. Use the wired connection to connect the controller. Don’t use the controller over wireless.

Finally, if you are still getting the controller bug in battlefield 2042 after trying the above solutions, your only hope is that the EA releases a patch before the open beta to address a range of issues with the game including the controller bug.  

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