Fix Axie Infinity Purchase Failed

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Given that Axie Infinity is among the best NFT games, it’s no wonder that errors such as the purchase failed issue keep cropping up, but how do you fix it?

How to fix the Axie Infinity Purchase Failed error?

With the game being so popular because of its strong roadmap, for example, Axie users already suffer from server issues from time to time. 

Axie Infinity Marketplace purchase errors can occur due to various reasons:

  • First of all, you need to check whether your Ronin wallet is unlocked or not.
  • If you don’t have a sufficient amount in your wallet then fund your wallet with adequate wETH.

The Axie may also be bugged sometimes which may require the seller to relist it after removing the initial post. The users can take action on such issues by submitting an error report on the support page.

Another way to resolve the issue is by resetting your wallet. To reset your wallet, do the following steps.

  • Reboot the system once.
  • Login to the Axie Infinity account and connect Axie Infinity with Ronin Wallet.

Here is what the official support team has to say about the error:

Bugged Axie on Marketplace!

If you see the error below, it is due to one of the four reasons listed:

  • Your ronin wallet might be locked. Unlock it by clicking the ronin extension on your browser and typing in your password.
  • You may not have enough wETH in your ronin wallet to make the transaction.
  • The Axie might have a bug and the seller might need to pull the sell request.

Also, this might be a balance issue hence check if you have sufficient wETH balance to complete the transaction. The server might take a bit of time to update the transaction but might have just gone through.

Finally, if your transaction fails multiple times then wait for some time for the servers to restore as there might be some maintenance going on in the background. 

The company has clarified that the error is due to a system maintenance issue, which players can easily resolve.

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