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Does Warzone Pacific Support Split Screen?

Does Warzone Pacific Support Split Screen

Warzone Pacific was released a few weeks back, and since then, players have been grinding into the game to explore new features and locations on this map. There are a bunch of new features added in Warzone Pacific, but one feature that players are now looking for frequently is Split Screen.

In this article, we’ll discuss if Warzone Pacific supports Split Screen or not.

Split Screen Feature in Warzone Pacific Caldera

Split Screen is a feature that mainly co-op campaign games like Halo, Fortnite, or Borderlands use. In this feature, you can play with your friend who is at the same house as you, using the same monitor. Your in-game characters and controllers are different, but the screen you are using for playing the game will be the same.

In the case of COD, developers never prioritize the Split Screen feature. Therefore, this feature was never added in the series’s previous games and not in Warzone Pacific. So yes, Warzone Pacific doesn’t have the Split Screen option available. Raven Software never clarified why they haven’t added this feature to Call of Duty Games.

Therefore, if you and your friend are in the same house, the only option for you to play together is to use different monitors, consoles, and internet connections. But as players are repeatedly requesting for this feature, maybe in the future, Raven Software will add it, as the developers of Fortnite did. But for now, there is no Split Screen feature in Warzone Pacific.

That’s all you need to know about the Split Screen feature in COD: Warzone Pacific Caldera. If you are also looking for this feature, it is unfortunate that you can’t get in now. Go through our guide to know more about the Split Screen issue in Warzone Pacific.

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