Crysis Remastered Update 2.1 for PC Bring DLSS support for RTX Cards

Crysis Remastered Update 2.1 for PC Bring DLSS support for RTX Cards

When Crytek initially announced the remake of Crysis the original title, there was a lot of excitement in the gaming community. But, after the release of the first gameplay trailer and the subsequent release of the game, there were all sorts of complains about the graphics quality of the game and that it appeared much like the original title with slight changes to the quality. With the release of update 2.1 for PC, Crytek adds the DLSS support for NVIDIA Series 20 and 30 RTX Cards.

The update also brings a range of bug fixes, but the highlight is the DLSS support and insiders are calling the update as a DLSS update. So, if you own RTX cards of the Series 20 and 30, you can finally rejoice as the much needed performance boost will come through NVIDIA’s cutting edge Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology.

The developers claim that with the DLSS enabled, users on PC with RTX cards of the supported series can get a boost in performance of up to 40%. When tested, it seems there the DLSS requires some more improvements as the distant textures were blurred when the option was enabled in the game.

If you are a player on Xbox or PlayStation, the developers have promised future updates intended to specifically boost the performance of the game on those devices.

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