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Collei First Impressions in Genshin Impact 3.0

Genshin Impact - All We Know About Collei in 3.0 Sumeru

Collei was recently released alongside the much-awaited Version 3.0 and Sumeru. You can test her out through the Character Trials to get a feel for her gameplay. Since we’re getting her for free from the Graven Innocence Event, you’re better off completing the event and trying out her free copy first. But if you’re the type to jump in then you can also pull for her from the Event Banners which also feature Tighnari and Zhongli.

Collei is A Good Dendro Starter

Collei is a 4-star Dendro bow unit who can apply Dendro off-field which automatically assigns her a support role. Overall, she’s a good teammate and a decent Dendro starter, but we can expect better units from further updates. 

One of her flaws is an energy recharge. If you want a decent uptime on her burst, she desperately needs some ER in her kit. Other than that, she benefits equally from ATK% and EM- though EM is more preferred. Her burst, while having multiple hits, reacts only a few times, which can be underwhelming at first.

As a support unit who needs energy recharge, her best 4-star bows are Sacrificial Bow and Favonius Warbow both of which do their job by giving her decent ER which you want at least 160-200%. She fits flexibly into multiple teams but in general, Hyperbloom and Quicken teams are preferred. Having two Dendro units in the same team also resolves her ER issues to an extent. 

As for her talents, you’ll want to focus on her elemental burst primarily followed by her E skill. Her best-in-slot artifact is the newly released Deepwood Memories which shreds Dendro and gives your character 15% Dendro damage bonus. Other alternatives are the Emblem set to solve her energy issues or the Noblesse set to buff up her other party members.

We recommend not pulling for Collei just yet unless you already have her from your Tighnari or Zhongli wishes. She’s a good starter support, but other units are expected to overtake her by a mile soon enough—overall a good character for your early adventures in Sumeru. 

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