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Best MCPR-300 Loadout in Warzone 2.0

Best MCPR-300 Loadout in Warzone 2.0

Players won’t have to wait long anymore until Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 released on the 16th of November. They will be able to play the game on the platforms of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. The sequel of Warzone was officially announced by Activision in September 2022, and players have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to get the best MCPR-300 Loadout in Warzone 2.0.

How to Get the Best Warzone 2 MCPR-300 Loadout

If you are looking for a Sniper Rifle to play with in Warzone 2.0, you can check out the MCPR-300 which is a very powerful weapon. With the help of the right attachments, you can make the gun into a beast. If you are looking for some information on how to do so, you are in the right place.

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This gun is well suited for wide open areas, which is what Al Mazrah mostly consists of in Warzone 2.0. As you will be thrown into the map randomly, you will need to look for cover soon enough. However, this can be made slightly easier with a good weapon such as the MCPR-300.

You will need to get the right attachments as well as a decent secondary weaponry if you want this to work out in the best possible way. Below, you will find the list of attachments which you can use to make the best MCPR-300 loadout.

  • Muzzle: Bruen Agent 90
  • Barrel: 22″ OMX-456
  • Magazine: 5 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip
  • Optic: Forge Tac Delta 4

As for a secondary weapon for the MCPR-300, you can go with the Kastov 762 which is an Assault Rifle great for close combat. With this combo, you will be sure to shine in the field.

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