Best Beginner Tips to play Anno 1800 

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Anno 1800 is a city builder game where players need to build a city set in the 1800s and travel around many new islands and areas to make the most profit possible. There are many things in this game which are controlled and many things players can control that it can become very confusing for new players who are playing the city builders game for the first time and at this scale. In this guide, you will learn the best 7 tips a beginner should follow to play Anno 1800.

Top 7 tips for the beginner players to know in Anno 1800

There are many aspects of the city and your competitors that players need to consider and most of all the profit management burden in Anno 1800, so here are the best 7 tips beginner players should follow to succeed in Anno 1800: 

  1. New players should pick campaigns (not sandbox) and advanced difficulty

Players who are new to the city builder simulators, should pick the campaign as it will have standard rates and most things will be on a fixed rate but in Sandbox, players will not have any tutorials about when to expand and what are the necessary things to do in the game. 

  1. Dont spend your Influence points unnecessarily 

Players should save their influence points in the early game as they will be very valuable in the end game. Every so often, player will get notifications about modifying their nation’s newspaper (it will offer good rewards) but don’t get tempted by the rewards and save those points for future uses. 

  1. Expand to new islands as soon as possible 

Players should always expand their island when the opportunity arises as there are many competitors and the new island is easy to get and build than expected. Expanding to a new island will also expand your profits as well even tho it seems difficult at first. 

  1. Don’t upgrade the citizens when the upgrade arrives 

Players should not upgrade their citizen as soon as the upgrade comes because as the citizen gets upgraded their demands also get upgraded and after some time their demand will be more than your supply of resources. 

  1. Limit your trade routes as much as possible

Players after upgrading their citizen past certain levels will see that they are demanding many new things but simply just don’t start new trade routes for all of them as it will dissolve your nation’s economy very fast so to remedy this try to make as many things as possible in your own nation. 

  1. You can turn off the pirates in the setting

Pirates are one of the threats players will face when they are trading goods. Players can see the pirate on the edge of the map but players won’t know that they can disable them completely from the game by simply toggling off in the starting phase. 

  1. Feras Alsarami is the one to trade with 

Players should acquire Feras Alsarami as quickly as possible as he is one of the best traders can acquire he is an epic tier and boost the production timer by 50% which is a really big help in moving forward as quickly as possible towards a better nation’s future. 

There are many other things players can do but these 7 things are the best things every new player should do as they will make you progress faster and with efficiency. That’s all the best tips any beginner player can get before starting to play Anno 1800. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news about Anno 1800 and various other games.

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